Live-a-Board Booking Info

Fish Darwin likes to allow some flexibility in planning your extended live-a-board experience.  We have both mixed, where you share the charter with new friends, and sole, where you book the whole boat for you and your friends, charters. All mixed charters must have a minimum of 6 passengers to depart, and both sole and mixed charter maximum capacity is 8 passengers.

If you are interested in booking a new charter, either mixed or sole,for the best dates/tides available for 2015 – Call Fish Darwin on    0889855898


Fish Darwin likes to maintain flexibility with it’s bookings and charters which allows you the passenger to book dates that suit your individual needs. If you are wishing to book a live-a-board charter please give us a call and discuss your preferred dates so that you can book and continue to plan and prepare for your live-a-board adventure.

Departure time 4pm from Cullen Bay Marina, return time is approximately 4pm on day of return.